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 LVGN Rules Of The Legend Of Zelda Subforum

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Kratos Aurion
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PostSubject: LVGN Rules Of The Legend Of Zelda Subforum   Tue Jul 10, 2007 4:28 am

Firstly, as always, spam isn't allowed. I assumed that was relatively
obvious as we speak. One-liners that declare how idiotic another member is
will immediately lead towards banning.
You may expose yourself to new experiences,
but try to do it without flaming and insulting.
Secondly, I will not tolerate fanboy comments like:

"OoT is better than TP. And we all know it!"

Such things clearly make you a fanboy. Instead of simply arguing without any
purpose, have a discussion that leads to something, afterwards.

Essentially, I stated everything that was actually important for the LoZ Subforum.
Have fun, I say, and remain active.
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LVGN Rules Of The Legend Of Zelda Subforum
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